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Meet the Team

Dedicated & Certified


Our story

Guided by Shriman Adinarayanan and Matrushree (Ma) Smrithi Adinarayanan founders of Anaadi foundation this Parampara Educational Society was set up to make available rich indian knowledge available from very young age. Our moto is to take forward Indian knowledge system and inspire as many children or youth as possible to make them future dharmic leaders.

Learning from the past

India's highest GDP for two millenniums was possible due to a robust education system through powerful Gurukula pedagogy. The British introduced a new education system in India primarily to provide them with workers. Parampara aims to create global leaders who are creative thinkers with good knowledge in various fields and also possess a deep understanding of their mind and body to manage their lives effectively.

CV Geetha


Health & Safety

We believe love is Shiva.  Based on this fundamental philosophy this educational institute was set.

Children enjoy a safe environment and our tools in the classroom are child friendly.

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